Spectral=(11)=Alpha=(12)=Kin=(245)=*(5.11)*PVCS*=PSI=(213)Last Day Out of Time. Warriors Cube Journey Day=(6)



Postulate For Pacal Votan Clear Sign=Kin=(245).

“The effect of the triggering of the circumpolar rings of planet Earth, the noosperic ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is the restoration of the planet’s homeostatic flux tube regulator. The flux tube system is the electromagnetic bridging that originally connected the different planets of the solar system by their poles linking them into a system of harmonic resonances maintaining the stability of the entire field of the stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary orbits.”

*Time Matrix*=V.3,H.17=(81)

(Space)=(146)*Galactic Activation Portal*


=BMU=(199)*Galactic Signature of Alice Bailey, Mevlana and Sri Aurobindo*.

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(328)*Reduces to=(68)*

*Space Matrix*=V.18, H.13=(245)*PVCS*



=BMU=(245)***Today’s Kin***,Pacal Votan Clear Sign***

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(477)*Reduces to=(217)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.5=(245)*PVCS*



=BMU=(285)*Reduces to=(25)

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(420)*Reduces to=(160)*12.21.2012 on the Long Count*

===Master Telepathic Frequency Index(MTFI)===(1225)===

===BMU===(343)===(49th order of 7, 7 x 7 squared, Master Power Of Creation Matrix).===

===Kin Equivalent===(185)===*Galactic Signature of Stephanie South(Co-Author of Cosmic History Chronicles)

===(185)===*Electric House Of The Serpent Initiate*===(37 x 5, Frequency of 3 Serpent, Initiates cycle of Galactic Spectra, Generator of Red Electric Current, Vulom Magnetic Attraction Force Field, reverse of 581 (83 x 7), 581 – 185 = 396 = 11 x 36, Vigesimal 9.5)===



4 responses to “Spectral=(11)=Alpha=(12)=Kin=(245)=*(5.11)*PVCS*=PSI=(213)Last Day Out of Time. Warriors Cube Journey Day=(6)

  1. I am working on scanning the Synchronotron from Cosmic History Chronicles Volume 7, Book of the Cube.
    I will lost them on this blog for all and any Kim interested in practicing these Number Matrixes.

    Blessed Day Kin!

  2. Greeting most dedicated kin!!!
    Many thanks for carving out this space to enter Synchronotron!
    What an auspicious kin to begin on too
    For me, I have been eyeing 245 for a long time because for myself and any other who Is a 4 Sun, 11 Serpent is our 33 year bearer. So 260 days and counting till my aquarian birthday. 4 sun being a Christ code, 33 being , well, the year of crucifixion , I can only say that it’s a little daunting.
    420 also coding today was like one of those overly obvious winks that really makes you wonder!
    Looking at my personal life, I can already see the Karmic waves rolling in…
    Anyways, extra special on this PVCS day is that the MTFI , 1225 is also 245 x 5 !!!!
    I find the multiples of the MTFI to be very telling and worth the time noodling over.
    Okay , thanks again and In Lak’esh!
    288 Serpent Initiate

  3. don’t people find convoluted ways to say hello to each other though?
    that said, i’m prolly more favorably impressed than i ever was .. thanks to you people.
    Now, what about making the tzolkin pyramidal and slapping 6 of them into a cube with various organic materials and/or bio degradable open source software (fat chance to see that any time soon, rite?).

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