Spectral=(11)=Limi=(13)=KIN=(246)*(6.12)*=PSI=(214)*This Year on Dreamspell*=Cube Day=(7)=Hand

Kin 246=White Crystal World-Bridger=

I dedicate in order to equalize

Universalizing opportunity

I seal the store of death

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I am guided by the power of endlessness.

Postulate For Kin=(246)

(6.12)=”The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth-dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space.”

*Time Matrix*=V.2, H.17=(80)*Galactic Signature of Wilhelm Reich(discovered Orgone, primal cosmic energy)*

(Space)=(176)*GAP*,*Galactic Signature of Sitting Bull(Lakota Sioux)*My HomeTown Brother,Paha Sapa=Black Hills*

(Synchronic)=(59)*Kin of the Upcoming year on Dreamspell*

=BMU=(132)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(315)*reduces to=(55)

*Space Matrix*=V.17,H.16=(246)

(Time)=(114)*GAP*, *Galactic Signature of John Lennon, There are 114 Suras in the Holy Quran*.


=BMU=(274)*reduces to=(14)

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(615)*reduces to=(95)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.6=(246)

(Time)=(60)*PVCS*, *Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan*

(Synchronic)=(107)*GAP*, Galactic Signature of Timothy Leary*

=BMU=(284)*reduces to=(24)

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(413)*reduces to=(153)*GAP*


===BMU=(20)===*GAP*, *PVCS*, *Resonant House Of The Enlightened One*.===

===(20)===(2 x 10, 4 x 5, Sum of key recombinants, 9 + 11, Totality, Base of Vigesimal System, written 1.0, sum of 13 + 7, Frequency of wheel of The Law Of Time – Basis of 13:20 Timing Frequency, Fifth Solid Icosahedron.)===

===Kin=Equivalent=(43)*GAP*,*Galactic Signature of Charles Henry, Charlie Chaplin and Nikola Tesla*,

===(43)===*Self – Existing House Of The Dreamer*===

===(43)===(Prime Key, The Night Seer, Vigesimal 2.3, reverse of 34, 43 – 34 = 9).



One response to “Spectral=(11)=Limi=(13)=KIN=(246)*(6.12)*=PSI=(214)*This Year on Dreamspell*=Cube Day=(7)=Hand

  1. In today’s MTFI we see only two factoring pairs;
    The obvious 1 and 1343
    And 17 , 79
    7th prime
    And 22nd prime
    7/22 was used in “ancient days” to calculate phi-golden ratio.

    Also my count till TSE is -437 days
    Can anyone concur with me?

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