KIN 248

I Unify In Order To Beautify

Attracting Art

I Seal The Store Of Elegance

With The Magnetic Tone Of Purpose

I Am Guided By My Own Power Doubled



Postulate for Kin 248*(8.1)*

“Cultivation of Systematic telepathic exploration of celestial harmonics is a function of evolutionary necessity, involving the adjustment of the relationship between the AC and CA functions disrupted by the artificial time sequence of the erring species, homo sapiens.”



*Time Matrix*=V.21, H.3=(54)

(Space)=(315)*reduces to=(55)**

(Synchronic)=(40)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*

=BMU=(19)*Mystic Saturation of all Numbers*

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(409)*reduces to=(149)*GAP*



*Space Matrix*=V.15, H.16=(248)



=BMU=(360)*reduces to=(100)=

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(575)*reduces to=(55)**



*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.8=(248)

(Time)=(183)****Galactic Signature of Judy Garland****

(Space)=(91)*13 x 7*

=BMU=(282)*reduces to=(22)*Bolon Ik, GAP*

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(522)*reduces to=(2)*Galactic Signature of Terence Mckenna*






===BMU===(183)===*Magnetic House of the Dreamer*===

===(183)===(3 x 61, 4th Coordinate of Unity Activated)===



===Kin=Equivalent===(206)===*Spectral House of the Hierophant*===

===(206)===(103 x 2, Vigesimal 10.6, 206 = Frequency of 11 World-Bridger, and 10.6 Analog, 106 = Frequency of 2 World-Bridger, refers to the dissolution of the World Cycle of Mars, Kin 206 = Eve of 12.21.2012, Dissolution of terrestrial Cycle of History.)===





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