Postulate For Kin=250*(10.3)*=

“All disorder and Corruption are dysfunctions of the unitary biogeochemical process.  Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is a special application of T (E) = ART in which sensory teleportation is applied as a biogeochemical transduction and results in the whole system restoration of biohomeostasis.”




KIN 250**(10.3)**

I Activate In Order To Love

Bonding Loyalty

I Seal The Process Of Heart

With The Electric Tone Of Service

I Am Guided By The Power Of Timelessness

I Am A Polar Kin, I Establish The White Galactic Spectrum.




*Time Matrix*=V.19, H.3=(52)




=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(243)**Velatropa 24.3***




*Space Matrix*=V.16, H.14=(250)



=BMU=(323)*reduces to=(63)=

=TFI*Space Matrix*=(689)*reduces to=(169)**=BMU=*Time Matrix*=**




*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.10=(250)


(Space)=(326)*reduces to=(66)**Kin 93’s Kin Equivalent**

=BMU=(280)*reduces to=(20)*GAP*=**Pacal Votan Clear Sign**=

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(765)*reduces to=(245)**Pacal Votan Clear Sign**








===BMU===(374)*reduces to=(114)=*GAP*===

===(374)===(187 x 2, 11 x 34, 22 x 17, Planetary  Wizard’s Liberating Navigation Codes, Vigesimal Code 18.14, Corresponds to UR Harmonic 67, Divine Decree Establishes Space Of Second Creation.)===




===Kin=Equivalent===(137)===*Resonant House Of The Navigator*===

===(137)===(Prime Key, Frequency of “Ah Vuc Ti Cab, Lord Of The Center Of The Earth (7 Earth)===




2 responses to “Spectral=(11)=Gamma=(17)=Kin=(250)*(10.3)*=PSI=(219)

  1. eye was visited by another URseaElf…currently rotating thru Yellow Crystal Star…
    THANK YOU for your dedication. Eye FEEL you all. Resetting mi rhythme sew as to share a bit each day…. xylom y phlom…. AC CA…. galactic karmic… solar prophetic…. chi-life-force…. veins and sweat.
    Where are you??

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