Spectral=(11)=Kali=(25)=KIN=(258)**(18.11)**=PSI=(148)*GAP*, Magic Turtle Day.




White Spectral Mirror:


I Dissolve In Order To Reflect

Releasing Order

I seal The Matrix Of Endlessness

With The Spectral Tone Of Liberation

I Am Guided By My Own Power Doubled.



Postulate 18.11

“Through telepathic radio intelligence of awakened mind, mahabodhisattvic angel projections subliminally guide lesser evolving worlds toward conscious parallel universe realization of the self-reflective discovery of the Law Of Time.”






*Time Matrix*=V.4, H.3=(9)




=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(146)*GAP*



*Space Matrix*=V.12, H.10=(258)

(Time)=(304)*reduces to=(44)


=BMU=(435)*reduces to=(175)

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(712)*reduces to=(192)*GAP*



*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17,H.19=(258)




=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(606)*reduces to=(86)






===BMU===(141)===*Spectral House Of The Primal Force*===


===(141)===(47 x 3, palindromic middle term in triplet, 114 + 141 + 411 = 666, 37 x 18)===



===KIN=EQUIVALENT===(164)===*Galactic House Of The Innocent*===


===(164)===(41 x 4, Full measure Divine Interval, Kin Frequency (Yellow Galactic Seed) for 7/26/2013, Galactic Synchronization, Vigesimal 8.4, Frequency of Law of Galactic Wholes)===






2 responses to “Spectral=(11)=Kali=(25)=KIN=(258)**(18.11)**=PSI=(148)*GAP*, Magic Turtle Day.

  1. mi may eyes brought mi to a doorstep that read, “114”
    And eyes understood: 144/414/441 AND 114.
    One is One 4 SIX =RythmicMa’atikly
    One is One 4 SEX:XES when ‘i’ is ‘e’…than ‘9’ is ‘5’ and they are 14.
    Four fingers…one thumb
    One is One FOUR US
    (How does this riddle complete?)

    If One is One Four US…
    Then Two is Zero for…..???

    mahalo for the pix share 🙂

    • So beautiful you are 205!
      My sister!
      It’s funny because I recently moved into a NOO space and my address is 205 maple!!!
      I’m hoping to see you at DOOT .
      love and blessings 205.

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