I Endure In Order To Enlighten

Transcending Life

I Seal The Matrix Of Universal Fire

With The Cosmic Tone Of Presence

I Am Guided By The Power Of Flowering

I Am A Galactic Activation Portal, ENTER ME:





*Time Matrix*=V.2, H.3=(8)

(Space)=(1)*Tomorrow’s Kin, NOO Spin.



=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(54)




*Space Matrix*=V.12***,H.12***=(260)

(Time)=(316)*reduces to=(56)


=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(727)*reduces to=(207)**12.21.2012




*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.21=(260)


(Space)=(379)*reduces to=(119)


=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(774)*reduces to=(254)*7th Year of Prophecy of Pacal Votan*








===BMU===(232)*Spectral House Of The Sage*===


===(232)===(8 x 29, 29th Octave, Octave of the Cosmic Constant, Vigesimal 11.12)===



===Kin=Equivalent===(255)*Galactic House Of The Seer*===


===(255)===(51 x 5, 17 x 15, Navigator of Fifth Force Triple Activation,Vigesimal Code 12.15)===


Blessed 144.414.441



5 responses to “Spectral=(11)=Limi=(27)=KIN=(260)*(20.13)*=PSI=(153)**GAP**

  1. Welcome To The NOO Spin. May we all flourish and Nurture The NOO Time.
    12:60 is losing its threshhold. 13:20 Is The Norm!!!!
    Blessed Kin of The 144.414.441 Zuvuya Cube Of Truth!
    In Votan’s Name do I Breathe.
    In Votan’s Name do I Express.
    Kin 93.

  2. good Q! why do dem damn dazies keep slidin n slammin into each other … last nite i watched ozmoroid’s very smooth delivery of 11 relativity vids with time factors grids, maps and whatnotplots, at times reminding me of Lehman’s and the belgian’s (laetiusinpraesens?) use of binarization (I-Ching iow), equal part division, in a attempt to share fairly …. hahaah!!! I’ll stop here cause I can’t possibly convey my feelings on it all anyhow, … just flex widdit man.

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