Crystal Moon of Cooperation(12)=Gamma=(3)=KIN=(4)*(4.4)*=PSI=(109)**GAP**



I Define In Order To Target

Measuring Awareness

I seal The Input Of Flowering

With The Self-Existing Tone Of Form

I am Guided By The Power Of Universal Fire.



“The galactic brain incorporated in the evolving body of planet Earth inevitably transforms the dialectic of solar pulsation and alternation of day and night phases into a complex of preconscious inorganic forms in which the element water is chemically generated from the interaction of crystal, light and heat (luminic-electrical and thermic-kinetic energy conditions).”



“In the seventh year of Harmonic Convergence

the seven seals of the apocalypse

become the seven years of prophecy….

Thirteen years in all.

Thirteen moons the path to walk,

Thirteen Moons the path to Talk:

People of the Dawn, One Mind,

People of the Book, One God:

One living Prophecy, One People, One Heaven, One Earth.”


*Time Matrix*=V.19, H.16=(121)

(Space)=(243)**(Velatropa 24.3)



=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(475)*reduces to=(215)


*Space Matrix*=V.9, H.4****=(4)

(Time)=(80)*Galactic Signature of Wilhelm Reich who discovered Orgone, a Primal Cosmic Energy*



=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(168)*93’s Kin Equivalent*,**GAP**


*Synchronic Matrix*=V.5, H.4****=(4)=




=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(17)


===BMU===(219)*Spectral House Of The WorldChanger*===

===(219)===(3 x 73, Activation Frequency of the Biomass Constant, Vigesimal 10.19)===

===Kin=Equivalent===(140)*Planetary House Of The Enlightened One*===

===(140)===(20th order of 7, Telektonon ratio 5 x 28 = 7 x 20, 7/20ths of 400, 126:140::360:400)







One response to “Crystal Moon of Cooperation(12)=Gamma=(3)=KIN=(4)*(4.4)*=PSI=(109)**GAP**

  1. my 55th solar round is off to a good start

    here’s a martial artist (lives in/on Hawaii) who’s in the habit of calling almost all cultural phenoms ‘bullshit’ and quite emphatically at that.

    Jacob and Esau (part 1)

    This film shows the life of Jacob and Esau as described in the bible. This is not a Hollywood made movie

    uploader = justice3000 • 3321 views ..

    pp: somebody mirroring this endlessly, tirelessly repetitive stuff

    Truthiracy3 comments:
    Then why don’t you TRY and prove me wrong then! You assume like an ASS that I am ignorant, but the real truth is that you IGNORE the truth. You have NO IDEA at all and do not know where the edge of the ledge is, this is why you have no knowledge! Are you a 93 Aleister Crowley satanic follower,…

    i know a NASA and AC nut: (lives in LA)

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