KIN=(257)**(17.10)**Red Planetary Earth**


I Perfect In Order To Evolve

Producing Synchronicity

I Seal The Matrix Of Navigation

With The Planetary Tone Of Manifestation

I Am Guided By The Power Of Life Force.




“The transmutation of the fractal free thought-waves of the subliminal conscious into future time matrices of still evolving stellar mass of cosmic unconscious and cosmic conscious, is dependent on the quality of input from super conscious experiences and pure devotional forms of prayer and meditation.”







*Time Matrix*=V.5, H.3=(16)

(Space)=(58)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*,**Day Out Of Time**,***GAP***,****My Mom’s Galactic Signature****.


=BMU=(183)*Galactic Signature of Judy Garland*

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(77)**GAP**




*Space Matrix*=V.10**, H.10**=(257)

(Time)=(297)*reduces to=(37)*


=BMU=(437)*reduces to=(177)*Galactic Signature of Leonardo da Vinci*

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(664)*reduces to=(144)*144.414.441.**Sacred Cube Matrix of Hunab-Ku**



*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.18=(257)


(Space)=(230)*Galactic Signature of Helena Roerich*

=BMU=(272)*reduces to=(12)**(12 = 1 + 2 + 3+ 3 + 2 + 1 = 12)**

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(529)*reduces to=(9)**(9.9)**






===BMU===(388)===(97 x 4, 194 x 2, Bode Number of the orbital ratio of Pluto, Vigesimal Code 19.8, Corresponds to UR Harmonic 100, Union of Ascent and Descent Established As Cosmic Space).===



===KIN=Equivalent===(230)===*Solar House Of The Compassionate One*===


===(230)===(23 x 10, Frequency of Manifestation Of Solar Sunspot Cycle, Vigesimal 11.10), ***See Synchronic Matrix,***=SPACE=MATRIX=(230)












I Pulse In Order To Question

Realizing Fearlessness

I Seal The Output Of Intelligence

With The Solar Tone Of Intention

I Am Guided By The Power Of Free Will.




*Time Matrix*=V.6,H.3=(17)**

(Space)=(6)*Holds the Power of Equalizing Death*

(Synchronic)=(23)*Manifest Abundance*


=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(46)




*Space Matrix*=V.13,H.15=(256)

(Time)=(261)*reduces to=(1)*NOO SPIN*

(Synchronic)=(174)*Galactic Signature of the Origin of Cosmic History Chronicles*

=BMU=(391)*reduces to=(131)

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(691)*reduces to=(171)




*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17**,H.17**=(256)

(Time)=(117) = 9 x 13, ***Mathematical code of the Prophetic sign of the Prophecy of Pacal Votan***

(Space)=(235)*Galactic Signature of Stevie Wonder*

=BMU=(273)*reduces to=(13)

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(608)*reduces to=(88)*GAP*, Day of Harmonic Liberation, = 8 x 11.








===BMU===(22)===*Solar House Of The High Priestess*===

===(22)===(11 x 2, or 9 + 13, sum of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells or “Lower Worlds”, as 22/7 = pi.===




===Kin=Equivalent===(45)===*Rhythmic House Of The Serpent Initiate*===

===(45)===(5 x 9. 3 x 15, 4 + 5 = 9, All nine Numbers in a Magic Square of Nine add up to 45, 45 is a triangular of 9, reverse of 45 = 54, 6 x 9, 45 + 54 = 99 (9 x 11).===









Postulate For Kin=250*(10.3)*=

“All disorder and Corruption are dysfunctions of the unitary biogeochemical process.  Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is a special application of T (E) = ART in which sensory teleportation is applied as a biogeochemical transduction and results in the whole system restoration of biohomeostasis.”




KIN 250**(10.3)**

I Activate In Order To Love

Bonding Loyalty

I Seal The Process Of Heart

With The Electric Tone Of Service

I Am Guided By The Power Of Timelessness

I Am A Polar Kin, I Establish The White Galactic Spectrum.




*Time Matrix*=V.19, H.3=(52)




=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(243)**Velatropa 24.3***




*Space Matrix*=V.16, H.14=(250)



=BMU=(323)*reduces to=(63)=

=TFI*Space Matrix*=(689)*reduces to=(169)**=BMU=*Time Matrix*=**




*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.10=(250)


(Space)=(326)*reduces to=(66)**Kin 93’s Kin Equivalent**

=BMU=(280)*reduces to=(20)*GAP*=**Pacal Votan Clear Sign**=

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(765)*reduces to=(245)**Pacal Votan Clear Sign**








===BMU===(374)*reduces to=(114)=*GAP*===

===(374)===(187 x 2, 11 x 34, 22 x 17, Planetary  Wizard’s Liberating Navigation Codes, Vigesimal Code 18.14, Corresponds to UR Harmonic 67, Divine Decree Establishes Space Of Second Creation.)===




===Kin=Equivalent===(137)===*Resonant House Of The Navigator*===

===(137)===(Prime Key, Frequency of “Ah Vuc Ti Cab, Lord Of The Center Of The Earth (7 Earth)===



Spectral=(11)=Seli=(16)=Kin=(249)*(9.2)*=PSI=(217). Warriors Cube Journey Day=(10).

*Complete 65 day cycle, Red Galactic Spectrum, Season of Life Force that began on Solar 8, Kin 185.*



=KIN 249=

I Polarize In Order To Purify

Stabilizing Flow

I Seal The Process Of Universal Water

With The Lunar one Of Challenge

I Am Guided By The Power Of Birth.



Postulate For Kin 249**(9.2)*

“Sensory teleportation and activation of celestial harmonics represents a hyper – extension of the mind through imaginative constructs with purposive goals or targets.”



*Time Matrix*=V.20, H.3=(53)*Sign of Quetzalcoatl*




=TFI=*Time Matrix=*(260)*One Spin on the Tzolkin*



*Space Matrix*=V.15***,H.15***=(249)

(Time)=(109)*Galactic Signature of 2010 – 2011*

(Synchronic)=(214)*This Year’s Galactic Signature*

=BMU=(361)*reduces to=(101)

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(572)*reduces to=(52)



*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.9=(249)

(Time)=(186)*Galactic Signature of Eric Clapton and Yoko Ono*


=BMU=(281)*reduces to=(21)*Hunab – Ku*

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(521)*reduces to=(1)







===BMU===(30)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*, *Self-Existing House Of The Compassionate One*===

===(30)===(3 x 10, 15 x 2, 5 x 6, Stable Dynamic,Vigesimal 1.10)===



===Kin=Equivalent===(53)===**Sign of Quetzalcoatl, Ce Acatl Topiltzin, Our Lord One Reed (947-999)**===

===(53)===*Magnetic House Of The Prophet*===

===(53)===(Prime Key, Quetzalcoatl, Frequency of Sirian Rebirth, 52 + 1)===







KIN 248

I Unify In Order To Beautify

Attracting Art

I Seal The Store Of Elegance

With The Magnetic Tone Of Purpose

I Am Guided By My Own Power Doubled



Postulate for Kin 248*(8.1)*

“Cultivation of Systematic telepathic exploration of celestial harmonics is a function of evolutionary necessity, involving the adjustment of the relationship between the AC and CA functions disrupted by the artificial time sequence of the erring species, homo sapiens.”



*Time Matrix*=V.21, H.3=(54)

(Space)=(315)*reduces to=(55)**

(Synchronic)=(40)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*

=BMU=(19)*Mystic Saturation of all Numbers*

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(409)*reduces to=(149)*GAP*



*Space Matrix*=V.15, H.16=(248)



=BMU=(360)*reduces to=(100)=

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(575)*reduces to=(55)**



*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.8=(248)

(Time)=(183)****Galactic Signature of Judy Garland****

(Space)=(91)*13 x 7*

=BMU=(282)*reduces to=(22)*Bolon Ik, GAP*

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(522)*reduces to=(2)*Galactic Signature of Terence Mckenna*






===BMU===(183)===*Magnetic House of the Dreamer*===

===(183)===(3 x 61, 4th Coordinate of Unity Activated)===



===Kin=Equivalent===(206)===*Spectral House of the Hierophant*===

===(206)===(103 x 2, Vigesimal 10.6, 206 = Frequency of 11 World-Bridger, and 10.6 Analog, 106 = Frequency of 2 World-Bridger, refers to the dissolution of the World Cycle of Mars, Kin 206 = Eve of 12.21.2012, Dissolution of terrestrial Cycle of History.)===




Spectral=(11)=Limi=(13)=KIN=(246)*(6.12)*=PSI=(214)*This Year on Dreamspell*=Cube Day=(7)=Hand

Kin 246=White Crystal World-Bridger=

I dedicate in order to equalize

Universalizing opportunity

I seal the store of death

With the crystal tone of cooperation

I am guided by the power of endlessness.

Postulate For Kin=(246)

(6.12)=”The sum of the liberation of psychic energy formally integrated into the fourth-dimensional patterns of time, manifests as PAN, Planet Art Network. As the integration of celestial harmonics of mind and social order, PAN replaces the civilizational order and social form governed solely by the 12:60 mechanized laws of space.”

*Time Matrix*=V.2, H.17=(80)*Galactic Signature of Wilhelm Reich(discovered Orgone, primal cosmic energy)*

(Space)=(176)*GAP*,*Galactic Signature of Sitting Bull(Lakota Sioux)*My HomeTown Brother,Paha Sapa=Black Hills*

(Synchronic)=(59)*Kin of the Upcoming year on Dreamspell*

=BMU=(132)*Pacal Votan Clear Sign*

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(315)*reduces to=(55)

*Space Matrix*=V.17,H.16=(246)

(Time)=(114)*GAP*, *Galactic Signature of John Lennon, There are 114 Suras in the Holy Quran*.


=BMU=(274)*reduces to=(14)

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(615)*reduces to=(95)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.6=(246)

(Time)=(60)*PVCS*, *Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan*

(Synchronic)=(107)*GAP*, Galactic Signature of Timothy Leary*

=BMU=(284)*reduces to=(24)

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(413)*reduces to=(153)*GAP*


===BMU=(20)===*GAP*, *PVCS*, *Resonant House Of The Enlightened One*.===

===(20)===(2 x 10, 4 x 5, Sum of key recombinants, 9 + 11, Totality, Base of Vigesimal System, written 1.0, sum of 13 + 7, Frequency of wheel of The Law Of Time – Basis of 13:20 Timing Frequency, Fifth Solid Icosahedron.)===

===Kin=Equivalent=(43)*GAP*,*Galactic Signature of Charles Henry, Charlie Chaplin and Nikola Tesla*,

===(43)===*Self – Existing House Of The Dreamer*===

===(43)===(Prime Key, The Night Seer, Vigesimal 2.3, reverse of 34, 43 – 34 = 9).


Spectral=(11)=Alpha=(12)=Kin=(245)=*(5.11)*PVCS*=PSI=(213)Last Day Out of Time. Warriors Cube Journey Day=(6)



Postulate For Pacal Votan Clear Sign=Kin=(245).

“The effect of the triggering of the circumpolar rings of planet Earth, the noosperic ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, is the restoration of the planet’s homeostatic flux tube regulator. The flux tube system is the electromagnetic bridging that originally connected the different planets of the solar system by their poles linking them into a system of harmonic resonances maintaining the stability of the entire field of the stellar mass, inclusive of its planetary orbits.”

*Time Matrix*=V.3,H.17=(81)

(Space)=(146)*Galactic Activation Portal*


=BMU=(199)*Galactic Signature of Alice Bailey, Mevlana and Sri Aurobindo*.

=TFI=*Time Matrix*=(328)*Reduces to=(68)*

*Space Matrix*=V.18, H.13=(245)*PVCS*



=BMU=(245)***Today’s Kin***,Pacal Votan Clear Sign***

=TFI=*Space Matrix*=(477)*Reduces to=(217)

*Synchronic Matrix*=V.17, H.5=(245)*PVCS*



=BMU=(285)*Reduces to=(25)

=TFI=*Synchronic Matrix*=(420)*Reduces to=(160)*12.21.2012 on the Long Count*

===Master Telepathic Frequency Index(MTFI)===(1225)===

===BMU===(343)===(49th order of 7, 7 x 7 squared, Master Power Of Creation Matrix).===

===Kin Equivalent===(185)===*Galactic Signature of Stephanie South(Co-Author of Cosmic History Chronicles)

===(185)===*Electric House Of The Serpent Initiate*===(37 x 5, Frequency of 3 Serpent, Initiates cycle of Galactic Spectra, Generator of Red Electric Current, Vulom Magnetic Attraction Force Field, reverse of 581 (83 x 7), 581 – 185 = 396 = 11 x 36, Vigesimal 9.5)===